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Let Me

I know we all have those days when we want to be left alone. Everybody, no matter how cheerful, needs time to themselves. They say too much of a good thing is actually not good. It's true. If I need a break, give me one. People don't understand boundaries. They take me needing my space personally.

They're not victims. They want to make it about them. It isn't about them. Your mental health and your well being should be at the very tippy top of your priorities list. You can't give yourself if you don't have any "you" left. Don't exhaust yourself trying to be a hero to somebody who only services you when it's convenient for them.

Let me have my time to recover, regroup, and rest. Give me that time to breathe, to be alone with my thoughts, to enjoy my peace. I'll tell you what, during this time, you might see a lot of "friends" begin to fall off. They're doing you a favor. Let them weed out who doesn't need to be part of your journey. Let them take the jealousy, the hurt, the negativity with them, too.

Don't you dare feel bad for putting yourself first. You matter. You're important. Your circle may become smaller, but the people who stay with you are growing and learning with you. Those are the kind of people you should do life with.

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