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"Don't let the fears of the 'what ifs' keep you from living your dream."

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Hear me out...

We get caught up in life-work, school, children, marriage, career, etc. We give everything to what doesn't have to do with us. Did you catch that? We give all of our time and energy to things and people outside of ourselves. We're human. That's life. Isn't it?

Who's to say that we can't create a more balanced lifestyle, though? How can we find time for ourselves?

We all have something we love to do. Whether it makes us money or not, how it makes us feel is actually important. It's good for our health. It helps us remain sane.

What's that? That's not realistic?

I bet even the busiest person in the world can find time to do what he or she loves.

Many of us aren't dreamers, although I can't say that's true for myself, but we are are motivated by the same thing. There will always be that drive in us that tells us that we should be doing something. It's self-discipline.

I wrote this post mainly for myself because I am so hesitant to sing, but it makes me happy when I do. It makes me proud. It shows me that I'm a badass for having the ability to compose AND sing my own music.

Share your gift with the world. This cruel world needs more creativity, more talent, and more people living their dreams.

Find a way to make your dream become your reality.

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